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Concussion / mTBI

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IsoTechnology has developed a breakthrough non-intrusive medical system for the analysis of Concussion (mTBI – mild traumatic brain injury), head trauma, cognitive and balance disorders.

The product has been used with NCAA football teams since 2006 and is currently being used in a number of studies at highly reputable US Colleges, and by leaders in the concussion industry.

This cutting edge technology has been developed for balance and concussion assessment and we aim to create a new global protocol for the treatment of mTBI and concussion management.

This technology was initally developed for the US military and field tested in Iraq/Afghanistan for over 10 years.

A full test using IsoBALANCE and CHOICE takes 5 minutes and consists of 3 non invasive medical tests, including a one minute balance assessment test (IsoBALANCE) on the most advanced balance plate technology available in the world (AMTI), and two cognition assessments – CHOICE, designed to assess decision making, planning, strategy and short term memory; and MAZE for fine motor control, eye tracking (nystagmus) and strategy.

The software will record data in real time and compare one session to the next, allowing a baseline for each patient to be created. This baseline can be used to make objective diagnosis for any subsequent trauma.