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Our Team


Chief Executive Officer
Dr.Terence Vardy
Mgmt., MAAFN, Ph.D Candidate Ph.D. Movement Neuroscience Program
Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation and School of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences – Queensland University of Technology
Email: tv8000@isotechnology.net

Dr.Vardy is the owner, principal inventor and Chief Executive Officer of IsoTechnology, Neuromuscular Technology LLC and Bodiflo LLC. IsoTechnology is a medical engineering firm founded in 1979 dedicated to the design and development of medical products for assessment and rehabilitation. Dr Vardy is a highly respected global expert in concussion and traumatic brain injury. He has been the lead inventor and researcher on numerous medical device projects to measure range of motion (gait), balance, cognition, planning and strategy, fine motor control, body and brain fluid dynamics, and prosthetic device efficacy, the secure transmission of electronic medical data, and in the rehabilitation of physical disorders related to multiple sclerosis (MS), traumatic brain injury, and other balance disorders.

Dr.Vardy’s educational credentials are extensive and include qualifications in osteopathic and naturopathic medicine in Australia, a PhD candidature at Queensland University of Technology, and a Masters Degree in Applied Science (Musculoskeletal Management) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is a past President of the Australian Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and has held membership in the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Orthopaedic Association.

Chief Operating Officer
Sarah Vardy
CAPM B.A. B.MM. M.A.V.A. Hons
Email: sarah@isotechnology.net

Sarah is the Chief Operating Officer at IsoTechnology. Sarah has over fifteen years experience in the IT sector. She currently oversees US based operations for IsoTechnology. Sarah also assists with implementing operational procedures to enhance productivity and improve the quality of all service and product delivery. Sarah is primarily focused on technical development, software engineering, quality assurance, training and strategic planning. Sarah has previously worked on numerous high visibility, university and government projects. She has also privately subcontracted for a number of diverse clients in the information technology sector.

Sarah’s main focus is built around psychology, neurology and biofeedback with applications in computer science.

Sarah has completed two bachelors degrees, a masters and an honors degree. Sarah is also a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). Her main disciplines include: computer science, animation, multimedia, project management, creative writing and contemporary art. Sarah is a very adaptable student and can apply herself to many fields of knowledge.

Responsibilities: Technical consultancy, software engineering (Mac OS), web development, mobile apps development (iOS), graphic design, animation, strategic planning, operations and project management.

Technical Director
Rob Gilliland


Robert Gilliland commenced his career as an electrical service technician specializing in communications and moved to computers as a natural progression in 1997. Rob gained further experience in programming and server administration and formed a company to provide IT support and Web Hosting. Since meeting Dr Vardy in 2003 Rob has been involved with extensive developmental work and research in the IsoTechnology range of products.

Senior Software Engineer
Ryan Wolski
B.M.M. Hons

Ryan is the senior software engineer in Australia developing for the Windows operating system custom biomedical applications for IsoTechnology. Ryan has been working with IsoTechnology for the last 8 years.

Office Manager
Lea Brimms

Lea is the current Australian office manager and personal assistant of Dr.Terence Vardy for IsoTechnology. Lea manages company accounts, the staff payroll and conducts a variety of complex, administrative tasks.