Putting Heads First

HeadFirst Solutions has developed a 5 minute breakthrough medical system for objective, non-invasive, real-time, and accurate assessments to analyze concussions, Rehabilitation progress for return to play, and cognitive/balance disorders.

Maximum Strength in No Time

The core exercises are leg press, bench press, and lunge performed in an isometric or eccentric exercise manner. The IsoPUMP requires a total exercise time of 50 minutes per week for major strength gain.

Connecting Doctors to Data

The JSINS system is a unique patented method of accurately and securely transferring electronic information on a wounded soldier. Patient management is streamlined and the risk of patient information loss is minimised.

Gait Analysis and Range of Motion Measurement

The IsoCAD was developed to provide gait analysis and range of motion measurement for specific body regions. This system is ideal for rehabilitation progress reporting with an in depth medical history recording database.

Replication of Human Touch

The IsoTOUCH features sensors which emulate touch-pressure feedback which can be used during human manual medicine diagnosis, and transferred to a robotic system.

Better Fitting and Comfort of Prosthetics

IsoSOC “PROSTHETIC” analysis is used in limb applications to test for pressures on the truncated limb. Pressure sensors are in contact with the limb surface. Transmission of data takes place using wireless technology. Real time video is utilized to add further information to the patient’s gait status.

Custom High-Performance Orthotics

IsoPED is an easy to use custom profile system that provides low cost high quality insoles.

Monitoring Soldiers

InteliShirt allows the monitoring of a specifically identified soldier, vehicle seat position, location of co-ordinates, and precise blast waves affecting the individual.

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